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Charlie Crews, a detective released from prison after serving twelve years for a crime he did not commit. On May 4, 2009, NBC announced its cancellation, a month after the final episode had been aired. In 1995, he was wrongfully convicted of the triple murder of his friend and business partner, Tom Seybolt, and all but one of the partner’s immediate family. Crews is not well received by Lieutenant Karen Davis, who, during the season, tries to force Reese into offering information that will see Crews suspended and eventually fired. Even though she herself is uncomfortable with her new partner, Reese backs Crews up on numerous occasions, and the two slowly develop a bond. The overarching story of the first season concerns the murder for which Crews was wrongfully imprisoned, which leads him to confront various figures from his past such as his former patrol partner, his remarried ex-wife, and the detective that solved the triple-murder case and is still convinced of Crews’ guilt.