Window open download pdf

Window open download pdf is the code for downloading the file. When this code is executed, it will ask user to open or save the file. How can I achieve this?

File won’t necessary be located in the website folder. It might be located in an other folder. Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid answering questions in comments. The first step im interested to know more. The second step is not practical in my program.

Using the first step can i redirect the file to another window? Why can’t you add a target to it? Unfortunately, this only works if you have an actual file stored somewhere. If you have a byte array that has been generated for example, there is no ‘path’ – rendering Response.

At least that’s what I’m running into. How will i call that downloading file into this? I should create it for reading and later it can be saved too. The problem is i cannot give the original name of the file or path too with the file. So i must do the above step to download it and then open it with another name. You have to create either another page or generic handler with the code to generate your pdf. Then that event gets triggered and the person is redirected to that page.