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Even as a young maiden, she was exceptionally beautiful. Mahanaman was so lured by her looks that he abandoned his kingdom shifted to Ambara village, tripitaka pdf in hindi small hamlet in Vaishali. Here, the King was elected by an electoral college consisting of princes and nobles from the Kshatriya clans. There was a custom in the land that the most perfectly beautiful women were not allowed to be married to one man but had to dedicate themselves to the pleasure of many.

Many young nobles desired her company. It is said that Manudev, king of Vaishali, saw her dance performance in the city, he planned to ‘own’ her. She also had the right to choose her lover but could not be committed to any one man. Her talent and beauty attracted a lot of men that the glory of Vaishali in this period is often attributed to Amrapali’s fame. Her price was fifty kahapanas per night and her treasury grew much larger than some kings. He attacked Vaishali, and took refuge in Amrapali’s house. Bimbisara was a good musician.

Before long, Amrapali and Bimbisara fell in love. When she learned his true identity, Amrapali asked Bimbisara to leave and cease his war. Bimbisara, smitten with love, did as she asked. In the eyes of the people of Vaishali, this incident made him a coward. Later, Amrapali bore him a son named Vimala Kondanna. Vaishali due to a dispute with his brothers.