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Horne as their comic foil. We’ve got a criminal practice that takes up most of our time” at a time when homosexuality was illegal. Fiona and Charles” was a regular in the show. Fiona: “I know you know.

Charles: “I know you know I know. Charles: “I was certain, positive, convinced and doctrinaire, and yet unsure. In the third series, it was reported that Gruntfuttock had died, and an entire programme was a tribute to him. Without explanation, the character was soon resurrected. Took, while on holiday in India, had noticed that many lawyers practised without qualification but, to cover themselves, had signs made bearing their name and the legend BA, DL etc. Williams, who sang such nonsense ditties as “Green Grow My Nadgers Oh!

Song of the Bogle Clencher” and “Ballad of the Woggler’s Moulie”. S without spraying saliva all over the set. Rain In The Face – Kenneth Williams, as Billy Two Cheeks, exclaims “He speaks with forked tongue! My lordsssss, ladiesssss and gentlemen,” etc. Horne comments after being introduced as ‘Your referee for the contest – Kenneth “Man Mountain” Horne’: ‘That was Hugh Paddick, the wrestling vicar of St Barnabas Without. A regular character in the fourth series, and played by Marsden, was Judy Coolibar, an aggressive Australian who managed to find some kind of sexist insult in everything the male characters said.

I got a touch of the dooms! His seemingly constant strain for glory and limelight was exemplified by his “I need to be serviced” catchphrase. However, none of these rantings were ad-libbed, all were written by Took and Feldman. These roles would require such inane phrases as “snap snap”, “rumble rumble”, “roar roar snarl slaver”, or “chug chug futt”, preceded by portentous announcements such as “and I, Douglas Smith, play the volcano”. Dobbitex” horse cummerbunds – he would claim that he’d been “got at”: paid money to plug the product, because he claimed to be only paid a pittance as a senior BBC announcer, “I want things, I need things, things the other radio announcers have got! In the fourth series, in the absence of The Fraser Hayes Four, the cast members were regularly called on to show off their vocal talents. He must have bribed the producer!