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The Holocaust Industry, first edition. Nonetheless, during his childhood, no one ever asked the holocaust industry pdf download questions about what his mother and father had suffered. He suggests, “This was not a respectful silence.

This ideology in turn served to endow Israel with a status as “‘victim’ state” despite its “horrendous” human rights record. According to Finkelstein, his book is “an anatomy and an indictment of the Holocaust industry”. He argues that “‘The Holocaust’ is an ideological representation of the Nazi holocaust”. 1980s, Finkelstein states, the “War against the Jews” had become more important to American cultural life than the “War Between the States”. Finkelstein asserts that these concepts became central to the “Holocaust Industry”, but that neither figures in scholarship of the Nazi Holocaust. Because of this, Finkelstein repeatedly asserts that fraudulent claims were made on Switzerland, while accounts and assets in the US and Israel were ignored. Payments were made to the wrong people and real survivors lost out.