Strategic relocation joel skousen pdf free download

During the 1980s Skousen was the Chairman of the Conservative National Committee. Some of Skousen’s views are controversial. He made the case that the Fall of Communism was a “carefully crafted deception,” meant to gain Western aid and technology transfers that would eventually end in a resurgence of the Russian threat. 11 attack on the Strategic relocation joel skousen pdf free download Trade Center.

He is particularly harsh critic of what he calls the “phony war on terror” used to conjure up justification for continual foreign intervention and the diminution of American constitutional rights. Skousen has written several books. Skousen was quoted: “‘You never want to make a house look like an obvious fortress. Those who want in can always move up a bigger gun.

I design these homes so you virtually cannot tell inside or out that they are any different from a conventional home. As Ron Paul goes back to Congress to continue the fight there, I believe Chuck Baldwin is the person to continue the fight during this election cycle and beyond. Many Christians think it is wonderful anytime government officials mention God or quote from the Bible. I take strong exception, and not because I believe it is improper for government officials to appeal to God.

I simply object to dropping the name of God or quoting scripture to cover for evil, and otherwise convince naive troops and Christians in general that an evil cause is just. The one thing you can learn from the liberal and controlled media, including arch liberal newspapers like the Washington Post, NY Times, and LA Times, is the direction in which the conspiracy against liberty is going. I spend about a third of my time watching what the opposition does. But remember, you can only learn to see through the selectively filtered news dispensed by the establishment media if you have other sources that feed you the missing pieces.