Nec3 professional services contract pdf

Several approaches are included making it a family of options. There have been four editions, the first in 1993, the second in 1995, the third nec3 professional services contract pdf 2005 and the most recent in 2017. The NEC3 was launched in 2005 and it was amended in April 2013. NEC4 was announced in March 2017 and will be available after June 2017.

This new edition reflects procurement and project management developments and emerging best practice, with improvements in flexibility, clarity and the ease of administration. Its use stimulates good management of the relationship between the two parties to the contract and, hence, of the work included in the contract. It can be used in a wide variety of commercial situations, for a wide variety of types of work and in any location. It is a clear and simple document – using language and a structure which are straightforward and easily understood.

Reform Group of The UK Cabinet Office recommends the use of NEC3 by public sector construction procurers on their construction projects. The NEC contracts now form a suite of contracts, with NEC being the brand name for the “umbrella” of contracts. When it was first launched in 1993, it was simply the “New Engineering Contract”. This specific contract has been renamed the “Engineering and Construction Contract” which is the main contract used for any construction based project. It now sits alongside a number of other contracts that together should mean that the NEC suite is suitable for what ever stage of a lifecycle the project is at and for any party within a project.

Suitable for any construction based contract between an Employer and a Contractor. This contract is still between the employer and contractor but does not use all of the processes of the ECC making it simpler and easier to manage and administer. Allows the contractor to sub-let a simpler lower risk contract down the line to a subcontractor. It is back-to-back with the ECSC but is frequently used as subcontract when the main contract is under the ECS.

This contract is for anyone providing a service, rather than doing any physical construction works. Designers are the most obvious party that fit into this category. Whilst they are producing a design for an employer or contractor, they would sign up and follow the clauses within the PSC. Most of the clauses within this contract are the same or similar to those in the main ECC contract, so that all contractors, designers and subcontractors have pretty much the same obligations and processes to follow as each other. This was added to the family in April 2013 and was co-developed with the Association for Project Management. It is for simpler less complex assignments than the PSC, such as the appointment of small team for managing an ECC contract on the Employer’s behalf.

It is frequently used as a subcontract to the PSC for design work. Parties enter into a “framework” of which work packages will then be let during the life of that framework. Different work packages can be let using different contracts during the life of the framework. For parties on a project that is operational or maintenance based, e. This contract is not generally used for constructing new works, but can include some amount of betterment. It is an abbreviated version of the main TSC.

These contracts were launched in 2010. The Supply Contract is for big bespoke items i. Neither of these contracts cover working on a Site. If there is a dispute between the parties on a project then the Adjudicator will follow the clauses within this contract in order to come to a decision. It can include a range of different services to be provided before, during and after engineering and construction works are completed.