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Phil Collins Against All Odds single cover. United States, the first of seven US number ones for Collins in his solo career. The song has been covered by several singers, some versions of which have mine to take dara joy pdf successful in both the US and UK markets. Chicago to see one of the band’s concerts.

Originally titled “How Can You Just Sit There? Piano, keyboard bass and a string section arranged and conducted by Mardin were recorded at RCA Studios, New York, while Collins recorded vocals and drums in Los Angeles. According to Collins in a 1985 interview with Dan Neer: “We recorded the song in two days. One day in New York, the other in Los Angeles. The mixes were done by phone and the song went to Number 1.

Break Up”, Collins relays that the song was inspired and written shortly after the breakup between him and his first wife. In the interview he says that the divorce transformed him from being a musician into also being a lyricist. Collins had written in 1981. Collins was chosen to render the film’s theme song based on the quality of his voice.

Hackford said that it was a “textbook case of designing a song to reflect what the film is”. The song appears in the movie as background music during the closing credits. Heather Phares claimed that the movie is best remembered for the inclusion of Collins’ “classic theme song”. Phares added that the song “remains not only one of Collins’ definitive singles, but one of the 1980s’ best love songs”. Director Hackford also had the same view, stating that it “decidedly” helped the film: people identified the song with the film and came to watch it. When the single reached the top five, it contributed to the increased box office sales of the movie. Academy for “Against All Odds”, Collins would jokingly say “the hell with him – I’m going up too”, referring to what he would do if the Stephen Bishop-written song were to win the award.