Malware reverse engineering pdf

The reasons and goals for obtaining such information vary widely from everyday or socially beneficial actions, to criminal actions, depending upon the situation. Malware reverse engineering pdf engineering has its origins in the analysis of hardware for commercial or military advantage. US and EU legislation, the legality of using specific reverse engineering techniques for this purpose has been hotly contested in courts worldwide for more than two decades.

Reverse engineering can be used when a system is required to interface to another system and how both systems would negotiate is to be established. Learning about an enemy’s or competitor’s latest research by stealing or capturing a prototype and dismantling it. It may result in development of similar product, or better countermeasures for it. Reverse engineering can be done when documentation of a system for its design, production, operation or maintenance have shortcomings and original designers are not available to improve it.

Reverse engineering of software can provide the most current documentation necessary for understanding the most current state of a software system. This problem is particularly critical in military operations. Reverse engineering is generally needed in order to understand the ‘as is’ state of existing or legacy software in order to properly estimate the effort required to migrate system knowledge into a ‘to be’ state. Much of this may be driven by changing functional, compliance or security requirements. Acquiring sensitive data by disassembling and analysing the design of a system component. Reverse engineering for learning purposes may be to understand the key issues of an unsuccessful design and subsequently improve the design. Understand what one’s competitor is actually doing, versus what they say they are doing.