India yearbook 2017 pdf ministry of information and broadcasting

India Yearbook: How to effectively utilize for UPSC IAS exam? Role of India yearbook 2017 pdf ministry of information and broadcasting, Pressure Grp.

India 2014: How to start? 3: Location not important for Misc. India Yearbook 2014 Chapter classification by Mrunal. Some of the chapters will overlap in multiple topics. Ch1: Census data during education, welfare etc. Ch23: Planning chapter will overlap in other areas e.

Anyways, we’ll see them in detail- where and how they overlap. In the ___ year, department was shifted to _____ ministry. Therefore, don’t bother with such details. Under which ministry does it fall? Do not waste time in memorizing the locations of relatively unknown organizations. MCQs were asked in late 90s-early 2000s era. But since last three years, UPSC has stopped harassing aspirants with such trivial GK.

CSAT- polity, geography, science, EnB, economy and aptitude. The Department of ____ also has a specialized center to analyze metals, alloys, organic and organometallic compounds, inorganic compounds, rocks and minerals. The national institute of ___ provides an integrated M. D course in biology, chemistry, math and physics. During the year ___ , Doordarshan’s DTH platform was upgraded from 50 to 59 SDTV channels and 65000 set top boxes with an Expenditure of Rs. Such details are useless for prelim-MCQs.

In short, dates-numbers-fancy things are almost always useless. Therefore, always focus on facts-features relevant to the exam. I quote this while writing a descriptive answer? If you’re totally new to this game, DO go through at least last three years’ prelims and mains papers of UPSC. Out of this, ____ number of beneficiaries were given ____ Cores.