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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He was simultaneously a satirist, an author of satirical political revues, a songwriter and a poet. The Jewish bank cashier Alex Tucholsky had married his cousin Doris Tucholski in 1887 and had three children with her: Kurt, their i will not die an unlived life pdf son, Fritz and Ellen.

Alex Tucholsky left a considerable fortune to his wife and children, which enabled his oldest son to go to university without any financial worries. When he was at university, Tucholsky’s main interest was literature. From the controlled and powerful swing of his walking stick which gives a youthful lift to his shoulders to the deliberate delight in and contempt for his own literary works. Yet, despite his later doctorate, Tucholsky never went on to a legal career: his inclination towards literature and journalism was stronger. While he was still at school, Tucholsky had already written his first articles as a journalist. Tucholsky owes to the publisher of the paper, Siegfried Jacobsohn, who died in the year 1926, everything he has become.

Mary Gerold who was later to become his wife. No and refuse to serve in the military. Of this I am ashamed. But I would have used all means, all without exception, had I been forced to do so: I wouldn’t have said no to bribery or any other punishable acts. Many did just the same. One day for the march I received this heavy old gun.

Never, I thought to myself. And leaned it against a hut. But that stood out even in our group at that time. I don’t know now how I got away with it, but somehow it worked.

And so I got by unarmed. He died there on the evening of December 21. Kurt Tucholsky: The Ironic Sentimentalist. Kurt Tucholsky 1890-1935 : aspects of the man and his works. Kurt Tucholsky and the ordeal of Germany, 1914-1935.