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Please forward this error screen to 158. Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, between gul ahmed magazine pdf and 1989.

Germans for “delivering the first blow” to the Soviet Union. Gul earned a reputation as a “Godfather” of Pakistani geostrategic policies. However, Gul denied the allegations. He got his early education from a school in his village. Swat, later settling in Sargodha in Punjab.

He attended the Command and Staff College Quetta in 1968-69. GOC, 1st Armoured Division and Commander, II Corps at Multan. Thus, Gul had already cemented his ties with General Zia by serving under him when both were officers in the Armoured regiments of the II Corps. Commander of the 1st Armoured Division, Multan in 1982, his appointments expressly wished by Zia himself. A menial job compared to Gul’s stature, Gul refused to take the assignment, an act for which he was retired from the army. Contrary to Pakistani expectations, this battle proved that the Afghan army could fight without Soviet help, and greatly increased the confidence of government supporters.

Conversely, the morale of the mujahideen involved in the attack slumped and many local commanders of Hekmatyar and Sayyaf concluded truces with the government. Shamsur Rahman Kallu, who pursued a more classical policy of support to the rebels fighting in Afghanistan. Pakistani newspaper, which asked the general to apologise first to the PPP for having done so and after that, apologising for a lack of intelligence because the IJI could not maintain its two-thirds majority for long. 1988″, Raman says, “Gul justified backing these insurgents as the only way of pre-empting a fresh Indian threat to Pakistan’s territorial integrity. When she asked him to stop playing that card, he reportedly told her: Madam, keeping Punjab destabilized is equivalent to the Pakistan army having an extra division at no cost to the taxpayers. Gul strongly advocated supporting indigenous Kashmiri groups”, adds Raman, “but was against infiltrating Pakistani and Afghan mercenaries into Jammu and Kashmir.

He believed Pakistan would play into India’s hands by doing so. India to jointly counter terrorism. According to him, “Iran should come clear on the nature of agreement with India. 1989 Soviet withdrawal, as the United States had promised to help build a prosperous Afghanistan. General Gul then went on to declare that “the Muslim world must stand united to confront the U.