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14th largest city in Georgia. 2010 had a population georgia car bill of sale pdf 139,588.

It includes part of Brooks County to the west. Valdosta is called the Azalea City, as the plant grows in profusion there. The railroad was built to Valdosta that year, rather than Troupville, stimulating development in the new county seat. On July 4, 1860, the engine known as Satilla No. 3 pulled the first train into Valdosta on the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad.

3 was the first train to arrive in Valdosta on July 4, 1860. The county had a majority-white population well before the war with a substantial black population, as the cotton plantations were dependent on masses of enslaved field laborers. Today highways stretch through the county for miles with hardly a curve, rise, or fall. After being bypassed by the railroad and losing the county seat, Troupville was virtually abandoned.

A long-standing rumor held that the city’s name meant “vale of beauty. During the war, Valdosta was far away from battles and became a refuge for those fleeing areas of Georgia where the war was being activelly fought. 1871 and 1872, looking for a better life. Liberia, an American colony in West Africa established for this purpose.