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Although many of the actual circumstances of the incident are uncertain, including the date of the attack, the event remains a dramatic story in the history of Virginia. A marker commemorating the massacre is located near the Duck Pond on the Virginia Tech campus. In the summer of 1755 several settlements had been ravaged by the Indians. Other children in the follow the river james alexander thom pdf may have been killed in a similar way.

In the aftermath, Draper’s Meadow was abandoned, as was much of the frontier for the duration of the French and Indian War. Draper’s Meadow on the morning of the attack but left on an errand and so was saved, eventually obtained the property, which became Smithfield Plantation and later Blacksburg. Out of the surviving family members, only the Bargers returned later to reclaim their land and settle. Mary died there in 1815.

Mary’s son Thomas and sister-in-law Bettie were eventually ransomed from the Indians, but the others who were kidnapped at Draper’s Meadow died in captivity. Mary Ingles’ children, and several other aspects. Mary Ingles’ great-grandsons, claimed to have interviewed Letitia Floyd and others who knew Mary Ingles personally, and his 1886 narrative contains numerous details not cited in any previous account. What Really Happened at Drapers Meadows?