Fingerstyle guitar exercises pdf

Nail chord tones in your playing with fingerstyle guitar exercises pdf essential guide tones. Easy and fun exercises to outline changes in your improvisations.

Guide tones are a topic that comes up early and often when learning how to play jazz guitar. These essential chord tones outline chord progressions in the smoothest way possible, and therefore are essential jazz guitar tools. While you may have read about guide tones, you might not know how these small musical devices can transform your playing. This lesson will do just that.

The material in this lesson teaches you what guide tones are, how to apply them to your solos and comping, and how to use them over songs. Everything you need to bring this essential jazz technique into your playing today. Guide tones are notes that connect chords with minimal movement, mostly half-steps. The first interval is played on the chord you’re on and the second on the chord you’re going to.