Causes of terrorism in nigeria pdf

Religion is sometimes used in combination with other factors, and sometimes as the primary motivation. The perpetrators must use causes of terrorism in nigeria pdf scriptures to justify or explain their violent acts or to gain recruits. Clerical figures must be involved in leadership roles. Important symbolic acts such as the blood sacrifice link acts of violence to religion and terrorism.

Suicide terrorism or martyrdom is efficient, inexpensive, easily organized, and extremely difficult to counter, delivering maximum damage for little cost. The shocking nature of a suicide attack also attracts public attention. Glorifying the culture of martyrdom benefits the terrorist organization and inspires more people to join the group. According to one commentator, retaliation against suicide attacks increases the group’s sense of victimization and commitment to adhere to doctrine and policy. This process serves to encourage martyrdom, and so suicide terrorism, self-sacrifice, or martyrdom represent “value for money”.

Robert Pape, a political scientist who specializes in suicide terrorism, has made a case for secular motivations and reasons as being the foundations of most suicide attacks, which are often labelled as “religious”. After studying 315 suicide attacks carried out over the last two decades, he concludes that suicide bombers’ actions stem from political conflict, not religion. 2000, “A number of terrorist groups have portrayed their causes in religious and cultural terms. This is often a transparent tactic designed to conceal political goals, generate popular support and silence opposition. In short, one wonders whether the expression ‘religious terrorism’ is more than a journalistic convenience”. But it does not ordinarily lead to violence. Whether or not one uses ‘terrorist’ to describe violent acts depends on whether one thinks that the acts are warranted.