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Detroit Zoo and the Belle Isle Nature Center, located in the city of Detroit. The Detroit Zoo is one of Michigan’s largest family attractions, hosting more than 1. Situated on 125 acres of naturalistic exhibits, it provides a natural habitat for more than 2,000 animals representing 245 species. The Detroit Zoo was the first zoo in the United States to use barless exhibits extensively. Historical Marker at the main entrance. Luther Beecher, a leading Detroit citizen and capitalist, financed the purchase of the circus animals and erected a building for their display called the Detroit Zoological Garden.

The Detroit Zoological Society was founded in 1911, but the zoo’s official opening did not occur until August 1, 1928. Unaware how precarious his situation was, Nagel stuck out his hand and walked toward the polar bear joking, “He’s the reception committee. The keepers rushed the bear and forced him back into the moat, leaving the mayor uninjured. By 1930, the Bear Dens and Sheep Rock had been added, followed shortly by the Bird House.

Next to be constructed were the Elk Exhibit, the Baboon Rock, and Primate and Reptile houses. The Detroit Zoo was the first zoo in America with cage-less exhibits. 1940s and has periodically continued since then. A veteran of Broadway and motion pictures, the chimp performed an act for the audience. 500 worth of flowers, along with several thousands cards and letters.

Memorial Fountain, popularly known as “the Bear Fountain. Also in 1982, the zoo began to charge an admission fee for the first time. The Arctic Ring of Life, North America’s largest polar bear exhibit, opened to the public in 2001. The Arctic Ring of Life exhibit is centered on a 300,000 gallon aquarium.